25. Nov, 2021

Examples of Female & Male WARM/TELLERs

REMEMBER, everyone is a creature of habit.

A pure WARM/TELLER tends to display Hi-emotion with Hi-assertiveness. [You can listen to the WARM/TELLER by clicking the above link]

Historic Female Example: Cleopatra VII Philopator, know simply as Cleopatra, was born circa BC69. She was the last active Pharaoh and the most famous female ruler of Ancient Egypt. Her life captivated historians and storytellers as well as the general public.

Her seduction of Marc Antony (BC83-30) of Rome BC.41 became the inspiration for William Shakespeare’s iconic play Antony and Cleopatra (1607), upon which many modern romantic film-scores have been based.

Other Female Examples:

  • Sandra Bullock, American actress and producer
  • Tess Daly, English model, novelist and TV presenter
  • Katherine Ryan, Canadian/Irish comedian, writer and actress
  • Bette Midler, American singer, song-writer, actress, comedian and producer

Historic Male Examples: Edward II (c.968-1016) also known as Ethelred the Unready was king of England on two separate occasions. As a child he ascended the throne following the assassination of his brother Edward, and effectively reigned for 38-years until his death.

The unflattering reference of ‘unready’ within his name meant ‘badly advised’. As a youth, Ethelred was apparently unwilling to take advice. As he was only 10-years old at the time of his ascension, I guess England should forgive him a poor start, especially as he eventually chased away the Viking marauders.

Other Male Examples:

  • The Wizard Character Ron Beasley, in the film Harry Potter
  • Saint Peter, of the New Testament
  • Paul Bettany, British actor
  • Peter Kay, British Comedian and actor

Why not note some examples of people you know?

Next week, we shall nominate examples of COOL/ASKERs.

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