2. Dec, 2021

Examples of Female & Male COOL/ASKERs

REMINDER, everyone is a creature of habit. The pure C/A tends to display Lo-emotion with Lo-assertiveness.

Historic Female Example: Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) is a celebrated British social reformer and statistician. She became an icon in Victorian England as, ‘The Lady With the Lamp’ following her legendary night vigil tending to the wounded soldiers of the Crimean War (1853-56).

Returning home, Florence laid the foundation of modern professional nursing with the establishment, in 1860 London, of her school at St Thomas’ Hospital. This is the first secular nursing school in the world, and today forms part of King’s College, London.

Other Female Examples:

  • The Witch character Hermione Granger in the film Harry Potter
  • Nicola Sturgeon, elected first female leader of the Scottish National Party in 2014, becoming first Prime Minister for Independent Scotland
  • Clare Baldwin, British TV broadcaster, presenter and journalist
  • Julia Roberts, American actress and producer

Historic Male Examples: Thomas Didymus is one of Jesus Christ’s original disciples. It is written he was not present when Jesus appeared to the other disciple’s following His resurrection, and that Thomas did not believe they had seen him.

It was probably Thomas’ cautious personality that overshadowed his faith, which lead him to be dubbed, Doubting Thomas. Yet, he remained a faithful and dedicated follower of Jesus, preaching the gospel 2,500 miles from Jerusalem in India at a time when travel was mostly on foot. He is believed to have died in India c.72AD

Other Male Examples:

  • The Agatha Christie Detective character Hercules Poirot as portrayed by British actor David Suchet in the 1989-2013 ITV series
  • John Major, British Prime Minister 1990-1997
  • The character Fitzwilliam Darcy as portrayed by British actor Colin Firth in the 1995 BBC TV production of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’
  • Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), South African/British writer, novelist and Poet Laureate

Why not note some examples of people you know?

Next week, we shall nominate examples of WARM/ASKERs.

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