20. Jan, 2022

Part 2 - Your Public Victory

RECAP: Possibility Thinking (PT) is our willingness to see beyond any perceived obstacles before us. It is centered on our desires, beliefs, and expectations; in a word, faith, and includes reflecting on who we are, what we have done with our lives so far, and what we want to achieve in the future.

If you want to improve the quality of your remaining life, read on …

Last week, you rated yourself against three key questions that determine where you stand with your Private Victory meaning: how effective are you right now at organising and completing each daily task, or project before you. Take a moment to review your score and possibility thinking from last week and remember until you are winning your Private Victory, you can never truly contribute to your Public Victory! [contact info@uetp.co.uk to discuss your personal PT plan, or to arrange your workshop]

Public Victory

This week you will rate yourself against key questions 4-6 that determine where you stand with your Public Victory meaning: how effective are you right now at contributing to other people’s Private Victories?

On a scale of 1=rarely; 2=occasionally; 3=mostly; 4=always, rate yourself against the following 3-questions:

4) Do I Think Win/Win or No Deal? meaning do you maintain a frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks mutually beneficial outcomes in all human interactions, or agree to disagree, agreeably.

5) Do I Seek 1st to Understand, Then to Be Understood? meaning do you stop thinking about what you want to say, to sincerely listen and truly comprehend another person’s perspective or paradigm. Then, add to mutual understanding through discovery (*Socratic) questioning.

6) Do I Synergise? meaning do you seek to combine or coordinate the contributions of two or more agents to produce an outcome greater than the sum of their individual actions.

Use last week's scoring process to assess your progress with your Public Victory and determine your strategy for moving forward.

Bonus Point - Sharpen the Saw

WARNING: Be very, very, very careful of who and what you consent to in life. No one can make you feel inadequate without your consent.

To simultaneously maintain both Private and Public Victories is not a one-time battle and requires persistent and consistent possibility thinking to improve and grow. It means maintaining, through ongoing study and reflection, a balanced programme for self-renewal in the four key life areas of physical (exercise), emotional (social), mental (positivity), and spiritual (self-worth) requiring daily, quality mindfulness.

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