24. Feb, 2022

Spot the Primary Personality

As you read the following observations about four people in a supermarket check-out line, ask yourself if they are displaying lo or hi emotion – Cool/Warm, and hi or lo assertiveness - Tell/Ask.

You are looking to identify the

  • lo/hi Cool/Teller;
  • hi/hi Warm/Teller;
  • hi/lo Warm/Asker or,
  • lo/lo Cool/Asker

The Check-out:

As he impatiently tapped the conveyor belt, the cashier was changing the paper in the till. With a sarcastic smirk, he asked whether she needed to summon someone who knew how to do it. Before she could reply, he turned to the next customer in line and made a comment about the young lady’s apparent unease. When the cashier recommenced scanning his purchases he said loudly, ‘About time.’

The lady next in line suddenly exclaimed, “Oh hell, I’ve forgotten something”. Before the cashier could reply, the customer darted from the check-out line and disappeared down an aisle returning a moment later with a large bottle of soda. “My son would kill me if I’d forgotten his favourite drink”, she said to no one in particular as she filled her shopping bags.  

The third customer in line was chatting to her friend so that all could hear. She laughed out loud as she joked about someone they knew. “Will you tell him, or shall I?” she quipped. Oh, what lovely nails”, she said to the cashier.

As the last customer in line commenced filling her shopping bag, she said to the cashier without really listening for a reply, “Hi Jane, how are you doing? Is John having fun in his new job? Let’s get together next week?

So, what Primary Personalities did you spot?

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