3. Mar, 2022

Can You Spot This Primary Personality ... ?

This Primary Personality Represent 1-in-5 (20%) of the Tested Population.

They are conscientious. They do their homework. They are effective organisers. They lean towards caution. They seek factual evidence. They are sequential thinkers.

They are careful. They are sincere. They receive their authority through correct protocols. They cite rules and regulations. They view excessive emotional display as suspicious. They are contemplative.

They are serious. They favour detail. They conform. They don’t like to be found wanting. They remain emotionally detached. They comply with procedures.

They are consistent. They stick to tested pathways. They accept the mundane. They require quality assurance. They seldom admit to being incorrect. They like to work alone. They want clear directions.

They can be pessimistic. They are loyal. They lack empathy. They view error in others as carelessness. They can be judgemental. They are perfectionists.

They can be melancholic. They can be moody. They can bear grudges. They become critical when stressed.  They use distraction as a smoke-screen for their own error.

Who Am I?

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