17. Mar, 2022

Can You Spot This Personality (iv)

This Primary Personality Represents the Largest Group; 4-in-10 (40%) of the Tested Population.

Given a choice, this sign might be on their door: COME ON IN; SIT DOWN & RELAX; WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?

Positive & Negative traits of the … ?

I am considered supportive. I want to do only one thing at a time. I desire mutual cooperation. I am pleasant. I need a safe environment.

I am sentimental. I am shy. I am submissive. I like to go to places where I am known. I like to specialise. I can be easily offended.

I need close personal relationships. I care about people more than things. I can be gullible. My heart can rule my head. I need reassurance.

I am loyal. I am sometimes tactless. I can sulk. I can be unforgiving. I can be resentful. I bring calm. I am diplomatic.

I like to be liked. I struggle with deadlines. I can be unintentionally inconsiderate. I put things off. I am compassionate.

I like to feel comfortable. I feel slow and sure wins the race. I can be lazy. I am affectionate.

When stressed, I don’t get mad, I get even!

Who Am I?

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