25. Mar, 2022

Promoted to Incompetence

In 1974, Dr Laurence J. Peter published his classic book, ‘The Peter Principle' which presented a satirical idea that people within every organisation are promoted to their level of incompetence

Over the following decades, reviews argue that employers have learned Dr Laurence’s principle when applied to their recruitment/promotion protocols.

You shall be the judge.

Ask yourself, how many people previously performing the job-role you are performing, are now your boss in one capacity or another?

Then, ponder how many leaders you have met are truly effective in their role; who genuinely draws out the true potential of those they supervise? And, if you are now a ‘boss’, how effective are you at recognising and accommodating the four primary personalities as a critical ingredient of every highly effective leader?  

As Lawrence’s book approaches its 50th anniversary, it remains a highly recommended read together with BEST YOU: Mutually Beneficial Leadership [available through uetp2016.co.uk under the heading, Books].

A particular Peter Principle I've pursued since first reading 'The Peter Principle' in the 1980s is changing my company within a decade of appointment. Living this principle has kept me hungry to learn. It keeps me alert to possibility thinking. It keeps me young at heart. It keeps me sane in an otherwise insane world.

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