14. Apr, 2022

What Is Emotional Momentum ???

Emotional Momentum (EM)) is a very powerful paradigm, and one that will determine how you feel about your circumstances, including the people around you. We all experience EM every day of our lives, but how we invite it – positively or negatively - must determine the quality of our lives.

So, what ignites positive versus negative emotional momentum? Quite simply, your consent!

Have you ever heard the mantra: you become what you think about, most of the time? This means, that whatever you consent to influence your feelings must impact for good or bad.

For example, drug research clearly endorses the psycho-soma paradigm through the application of placebo or false positiveWhen a new drug is being tested, pharmaceutical researchers administer the ‘active drug’ to be tested to a select number of people with an identified medical condition. Simultaneously, they administer an ‘inert substance’ to an equal number of people with the same medical condition. No patient is aware of what they are actually receiving!

The outcome of the two groups of patients is compared to see if the new drug has any medical advantage over the inert substance. If there is significant health gain of the drug over placebo the trial is considered successful.

But check this out; there is always a percentage of the inert-substance group who also get better!

Can you see how ‘consent’ or Emotional Momentum can affect every moment of your life?

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