21. Apr, 2022

Do You Just Talk-The-Talk?

Mutually Beneficial Leadership (MBL), is an outcome when everybody wins: bosses, staff, and customers. Yet this practice tends to be a cliché bandied about by organisations large and small, who tend to talk-the-talk more than they tend to walk-the-walk.   

So, why do so few businesses actually achieve this highly productive culture?

Experience over more than 3-decades has taught us there are two principal reasons for paying lip-service to this incredibly empowering personal psychology:

1) personality awareness is thought to be too time-consuming to master; and 

2) such ‘awareness’ in the ranks is perceived as a threat to the leadership.

Both perceptions are deeply misguided and perilously short-sighted!

When an executive floor commits to the mastery of inter-personal skills awareness and cascades that training through all other departments, we know greater productivity and more positive relationships multiply!

For example, if you were profiled as a COOL/TELLER (C/T), how would you interact with someone just like you, or with each of the other three personalities not primarily like you?

Here’s a situation:

As a C/T you are perceived as someone who is emotionally controlled & highly assertive. Your natural drive is to win at everything!

In one-hour you will meet a new contact, also perceived as emotionally controlled and highly assertive, from an innovative supplier seeking NEW outlets for their revolutionary products.

Three questions to ask yourself:

  1. How will I confirm the personality before me by the way they dress, the way they greet me, and their verbal and non-verbal indicators?
  2. What is my interpersonal strategy to secure a mutually beneficial outcome?
  3. How will I encourage my name-sake to do business with me, and not my competitors?

Next week, we shall offer insights to encourage this meeting of the Lions to establish and flourish.

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Complicated IS Easy! Simple IS Hard!