28. Apr, 2022

Accommodating Personalities - Part 1 of 4

NB: Most people possess a Primary Personality with a Back-up Personality meaning one of the other styles of behavior tends to moderate their Primary Personality. For the purposes of the next four papers, however, we shall focus on the interaction of the extreme style of each Primary Personality, and not take account of Back-up Personality.

Last week we introduced Mutually Beneficial Leadership (MBL), our trained and practiced outcome when everybody wins: bosses, staff, customers, and yes, every other human interaction, too. 

Today, we explore how the COOL/TELLER (10% of the tested population) adjusts their behaviour (role-shift) to accommodate EACH of the four Primary Personalities to effectively assist them to feel comfortable; to secure a mutually beneficial outcome:

COOL/TELLER (10%) on COOL/TELLER (10%) – both of you are low in emotional display and high in assertiveness. As the trained observer, you must keep your will to win in check by allowing the other to arrive at all ‘appropriate decisions’. To achieve this, place acceptable, positive options before them, and allow them to choose. If you at all compete, they will want to win, and you must lose. The WHAT (bottom-line) is important to you both but they must decide what that bottom line is.

COOL/TELLER (10%) on WARM/TELLER (30%) – both of you are high in assertiveness, but whilst you do not display your emotions freely, they do. As the trained observer, relax in their company, unwind and express yourself more openly about anything that comes to their mind. Demonstrate you can have a little ‘fun’ rather than appear as a constant ‘boss’. This relationship must be one of collaboration, so freely exchange ideas, and especially feelings and opinions. The WHO (other important people to them) is important.

COOL/TELLER (10%) on COOL/ASKER (20%) – both of you are low in emotional display but they are also low in assertiveness. As the trained observer, focus on factual ‘evidence’ that uncovers problems and possible solutions. Deeply discuss the why’s and wherefores of each problem discovered rather than jump to your own conclusions. They believe compromise is the best policy. The HOW (process) is important to them.

COOL/TELLER (10%) on WARM/ASKER (40%) – the W/A is the antithesis of you, high in emotional display and low in assertiveness. As the trained observer, do not push the agenda too hard or they will capitulate (submit), then never return your calls. Invest time getting to know them as a person; their likes and dislikes, their family, hobbies, and associations. This will be your toughest role shift as you conscientiously remember they do things for others, first. They will want your personal and honest reassurance they are making the correct decision. The WHY (reasons for change) is important to them.

Next week, we shall apply positive interactions from the WARM/TELLER perspective.

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