5. May, 2022

Accommodating Personality - Part 2 of 4

REMEMBER: Most people possess a Primary Personality with a Back-up Personality meaning one of the other styles of behavior tends to moderate their Primary Personality. For the purposes of the next four papers, however, we shall focus on the interaction of the extreme style of each Primary Personality, and not take account of Back-up Personality.

Last week we looked at the COOL/TELLER accommodating someone just like them, as well as each of the other three personalities so that our trained and practiced outcome dramatically enhances the probability that everybody wins: bosses, staff, customers, family, and friends. 

Today, we explore how the WARM/TELLER (30% of the tested population) adjusts their behaviour (role-shift) to accommodate EACH of the four Primary Personalities to effectively assist them to feel comfortable; to secure a mutually beneficial outcome:

WARM/TELLER (30%) on WARM/TELLER (30%) ~ who is just like you; high in assertiveness and high in responsiveness. You are both people-first people. Each of you will have such a good time you may lose sight of why you got together in the first place. As the trained observer, ensure you have a clear result in mind as you meander towards that mutually beneficial outcome. This is a relationship of collaboration, so throw lots of ideas around, even the daft ones. You each want to get along with a laugh. The WHO (significant others) is important to you both!

WARM/TELLER (30%) on COOL/TELLER (10%) ~ who is the same in assertiveness, but lower in responsiveness than you. Whereas you are a people-first person, they are a task-first person. As the trained observer, you will need to keep your jovial manner truly in check. Remember, they won’t like being told what to do. Allow them to arrive at their own decisions by placing positive (win/win) options before them. If you attempt to compete, they will want to win. The WHAT (bottom-line) is important to them!

WARM/TELLER (30%) on WARM/ASKER (40%) ~ who is lower in assertiveness, but the same in responsiveness as you. You are both people-first people but get what you want differently. As the trained observer, avoid pushing the humour too hard or they will capitulate (give in) and back away from what you thought they’d agreed. Remember this personality primarily does things for others, first. The WHY (reasons for change) is important to them!

WARM/TELLER (30%) on COOL/ASKER (20%) who is lower in both assertiveness, and in responsiveness; the antithesis of you! You are a people-first person. They are a task-first person. You are a generalist. They are a purist. As the trained observer, you will need to calm down a lot and do your homework to ‘prove’ every step of your case. This personality does not accept hearsay and anecdote. They are not naturally out-going. They want clear proposals to consider. They believe compromise (everyone loses something) is the best course of action. The HOW (due process) is important to them!

Next week, we shall apply positive interactions from the COOL/ASKER perspective.

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