12. May, 2022

Accommodating Personality - Part 3 of 4

Think Win/Win or No Deal means maintaining a frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks mutually beneficial outcomes (collaboration) in all interactions, or agreeing to disagree, agreeably.

Most people possess a Primary Personality with a Back-up Personality meaning one of the other styles of behavior tends to moderate their Primary Personality. For the purposes of this paper, we shall focus on the interaction of the extreme style of this Primary Personality, and not take account of the Back-up Personality.

Last week we looked at the WARM/TELLER accommodating someone just like them, as well as each of the other three personalities so that our trained and practiced outcome dramatically enhances the probability that everybody wins.

Today, we explore how the COOL/ASKER (20% of the tested population) adjusts their behaviour (role-shift) to accommodate EACH of the four Primary Personalities to effectively assist them to feel comfortable; to secure a mutually beneficial outcome:

COOL/ASKER on COOL/ASKER (2-persons-in-10) ~ you are the same in assertiveness and responsiveness. As a trained observer, you will have naturally prepared a process that leads you both, through deep discussion to possible solutions, exploring alternatives along the way. You both believe compromise is the best course of action. The HOW (process and protocol) is important to you both, but remember the goal of your discussions!

COOL/ASKER on COOL/TELLER (1-person-in-10) ~ you share low emotional display, but they are much more assertive than you. As a trained observer, you will be comfortable presenting a logical argument but be sure to begin and end with the purpose of the discussion i.e. the result. Remember, they are naturally competitive and will want things done their way, so defer the detail until after the decision. Maintain a progressive pace towards the desired outcome by placing positive alternatives before them. This allows them to decide upon their ‘best’ solution. The WHAT (end result) is important to them!

COOL/ASKER on WARM/TELLER (3-person-in-10) ~ this style is the antithesis of you; higher in both assertiveness and responsiveness. You will need to lighten up a lot and have some fun along the way. This is a relationship of collaboration so be prepared to present your case using humour and anecdote. Allow them to wander around with their feelings and thoughts. And, be prepared for lots of interruptions and distractions. The WHO (significant others) is important to them!

COOL/ASKER on WARM/ASKER (4-persons-in-10) ~ whereas you are both low in assertiveness, they are higher in responsiveness than you. As a trained observer, you will need to become their best friend before anything else. You must demonstrate that you care about them. Remember, people, matter most to them. Be prepared to lead them to decisions by reducing risk to loved ones and/or business associates. If you are too mechanical, they will capitulate (give in), and never return your call. The WHY (reasons for change) is important to them!

Next week we shall explore perceptions from the perspective of the WARM/ASKER

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