19. May, 2022

Accommodating Personality Part 4 of 4

This is the fourth and final exploration of inter-personality awareness.

By now, you should be getting a handle on Think Win/Win or No Deal which is maintaining a frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks mutually beneficial outcomes (collaboration) in all interactions - or agreeing to disagree, agreeably.

REMEMBER: Most people possess a Primary Personality with a Back-up Personality meaning one of the other styles of behavior tends to moderate their Primary Personality. For the purposes of this paper, we shall focus on the interaction of the extreme style of this Primary Personality, and not take account of the Back-up Personality.

Last week we looked at how the COOL/ASKER effectively accommodates someone just like them, as well as each of the other three personalities so that our trained and practiced outcome dramatically enhances the probability that everybody wins.

Today, we explore the largest group of the tested population; how the WARM/ASKER (40%) adjusts their behaviour (role-shift) to accommodate EACH of the four Primary Personalities to effectively help them to feel comfortable; to secure a mutually beneficial outcome:

WARM/ASKER on WARM/ASKER (4-persons-in-10) ~ both of you possess low assertiveness with high emotional display. As a trained observer you will get along as friends just fine, which could be a problem as someone needs to ‘take charge’ of the outcome. Know what you want from every get-together, even if it’s nothing at all. Neither of you will have to capitulate (giving in). The WHY (reasons for change) is important to you both!

WARM/ASKER on COOL/TELLER (1-person-in-10) ~ they are high in assertiveness and low in emotional display; the antithesis to you! As a trained observer, you will need to be prepared to argue constructively, even by disagreeing, agreeably when necessary (compete). They will always want to make the decision, which is OK with you, but be sure to place positive alternatives before them. The WHAT (result) is important to them!

WARM/ASKER on WARM/TELLER (3-persons-in-10) ~ they are high in assertiveness, but the same as you in emotional display. As a trained observer, be prepared to have a little fun along the way. This is a relationship of collaboration (let's both get something out of this), so present yourself using humour and anecdote whilst keeping the desired outcome in mind. The WHO (significant others) are important to them!

WARM/ASKER on COOL/ASKER (2-persons-in-10) ~ they are low in assertiveness, just like you, and much lower in emotional display than you. As a trained observer, you will need to keep your emotions in check. Remain matter-of-fact as you explore the problem(s). They believe compromise (everyone losses something for all to gain something) is the best direction to pursue. The HOW (process and protocol) are important to them!

Next week, we shall listen to a voice-over of someone as they identify the personality of the person they are meeting.

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