28. Jul, 2022

It Is Good To Be Weird!

If you have ever been called weird it is definitely a good thing!

When I resigned from an executive position because I didn’t want any kind of a boss any more friends thought I was brave but a little weird.

They thought I was weird because I wanted more out of life than going to someone else’s place of work for 60 hours a week. They thought I was weird because I wanted to keep more of what I produced, and because I wanted true freedom to do what I really wanted to do.

Having read Laurence J. Peter I knew I did not want to settle as another corporate drone doing something I wasn't passionate about for the rest of my working life.

I wanted to join the minority of weird guys who looked for deeper meaning and for me, that was and remains personal development, continuous learning, and, passing on these wonderful insights and attitudes in a simple and understandable way to others who want to be weird, too.

Mark Twain said ... People who aren't into self-improvement will never understand you.

Weird guys are accused of accepting nothing, believing no one, and confirming everything. They attend seminars on successful people and read lots of books about succeeding - and failing.

Look:  playing a bigger game is not weird. It only appears weird to those who have decided to settle for a life of mediocrity.

To the rest of the world, your efforts at self-improvement appear weird because mediocrity is the great settle-for life of the majority. Forbes states 70% of people HATE their jobs!!

People who choose to step out of line and be different are smiled at like a child who wants to become an astronaut when he grows up. 

Don’t let anyone deter you from working on your goals and bettering yourself. I know how it feels to be lonely in the sea of people who ridicule or don’t understand your attempts at self-change. 

There ARE people like us in the world who care about being the best version of ourselves. 

There ARE people like us whose lives have changed because of reading and acting upon self-help books, setting goals, imposing self-discipline, and doing all sorts of crazy things for the sake of “personal development.” 

If you ever find yourself thinking “what it’s all for?”  remind yourself that human nature is to grow, make improvements, and progress. 

Mediocrity is normal. So, become abnormal!

Be Bold, Take Action & Make it Happen,

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Complicated IS Easy! Simple IS Hard!